shutter button – AE Lock /AF changes

I tweeted the other day about changing the focus button from the half shutter release to the * button on the back of the Canon EOS 1000D, this can be changed on numerous models, here is a link directly to Canon. This made sense for a number of reasons, firstly I can press the * button and release it and it will hold the focus point for what I intend to shoot, so now I can just fully depress the shutter release and it will just take the shot and not try and refocus again.

The second thing I found was I was now about to half depress the shutter button and hold the exposure level, so for instance I can expose for the brightest object re-frame, re-focus and flash fill the foreground and not get the usual bright or dark areas, though I am still playing with this part.

I do like being able to take my finger off the focus button and just shoot the picture, I also like how I don’t have to change the lens to Manual to take a shot without re-focusing, it takes a little bit of time to get used to it but the benefits outweigh the negatives to me. A lot of people might already know or use this already but there would be a great deal of new people like myself might find it beneficial.

Wow this must be a record for me, three posts in one day…..

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