establishing a baseline for gear.

I was reading this post from Scott Bourne on Photofocus and found myself to be one of the worst people who leave setting in the camera from a previous shoot and can’t figure out what’s going wrong, then spending the next 5-10 minutes trying to sort things out.

Here is Scott’s baseline for his gear:

1. Camera bodies off
2. Camera batteries recharged after each and every shoot – no exceptions
3. Flash(es) off
4. Flash(es) batteries recharged after each and every shoot – no exceptions
5. Set ISO to 200
6. Set aperture to wide open on all lenses
7. Set shutter speed to 1/125
8. Set mode dial to Aperture Priority
9. Turn off IS/VR on all stabilized lenses
10. Set all lenses with focus stops to focus maximum area of focus
11. Remove any and all filters
12. Check that the camera body and any/all lenses are set to autofocus (unless you just always use manual focus – in which case disregard.)
13. Set white balance to AUTO
14. Set exposure compensation to “0.”
15. Reset the focus point to the center.
16. Set motor drive to high speed advance
17. Make sure mirror lockup is disabled
18. Make sure to run camera’s auto sensor cleaning after each shoot, no exceptions
19. Do quick visual examination of the camera to look for damage defects
20. Reset additional gear like tripods, light stands, etc.


One thought on “establishing a baseline for gear.

  1. Jase not sure about the Canon’s but my Nikon has a quick reset function that resets things like ISO, metering mode, focus mode, exposure etc. to defaults by holding down two buttons together. This doesn’t reset any hard settings, just those that would change from shoot to shoot and I have found it invaluable!

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