the golden hours: part 1 – dawn

"You have to have a darkness...for the dawn to come."

The golden hours are my favourite time of the day to shoot, I am not sure if I prefer the dawn or the dusk experience the most. I do tend to have more dusk shots as it is the easiest to deal with, not having to get up extra early. I am a fairly early riser getting up at 6am for work each day but I find trying to get up an hour early to get out is a struggle sometimes and harder on the body later in the day and night. This shot was taken from this location on Horse Park Drive in Gungahlin, Canberra.

It was quite cool at 6.15am and the treatment to this image gives me that cold feeling. I always try a black and white filter on all my shots, as you never know if the colour version is going to look better or not.

Braving the cold

Another shot from roughly the same place nearly a year ago, I hope to revisit this site in around a month when it starts to get cold and the mist starts to dance with the trees again.

To finish this rather long post for me on a slightly humorous note, I was crouching down behind the tripod getting ready to take a shot I could hear a loud rustling in the grass behind me, it sounded like someone was rushing towards me, my heart was pounding as a spun around to see nothing, with my heart still jumping out of my chest I surveyed the area to finally notice a rabbit dodging around me to get to the paddock, here I was thinking the worst.

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