simple images…..

"The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face."

This is one of those times you see something, it looks interesting, you take a shot and when you see it, it does nothing for you. After a couple of hours you go back to it thinking how can I make it more dramatic or move it away from being a photo. On this occasion I thought I would go more for the artistic look. I achieved this by changing the photo to greyscale and adding more black levels to darken the reflection. The image was also cropped top, bottom and slightly on the right side to get away from it being dead centre of the image.

See for yourself and feel free to comment on which of the two you prefer.

One thought on “simple images…..

  1. The difference is amazing!! I loved the B&W image when I first saw it on Flickr. The contrast makes it so much more striking than the colour image. The composition is much better too. Awesome job!

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