A new year a new beginning

Today seems a fitting day to get back into this blog of mine, the date is 11.01.11 which is binary for 55 or if you are American then 01.11.11 equates to 39 which is the age I turned last month.

On a sad note today is also the day where people in Queensland have had to deal with devastating floods across 75% of the state, I wish them all the best.

I have been taking a few shots of late, the first is my very first of this year also matching the number 39 as it was taken on the 01.11.11.

There is something about the way that no two sunsets are the same, the colour, reflection and lighting is always changing, a shot every few seconds would create a different shot.

First sunset 2011

The second shot I am posting is an attempt to emulate an old film photo the image isn’t in focus there is a fair amount of blur and vignetting.

The final image was talking as I was setting out to take my beautiful dog Kodi for a walk, I spotted a Cockatoo sitting on a street light looking towards what looked to be a storm heading our way, I thought it might make an interesting shot as light seemed to sit well on the street light and cockatoo. So I whipped out my trusty point and shoot, Canon EOS 5D and took a happy snap.

Watching the storm

Feel free to add advice or comments you can obviously see some of my work here, twitter or on flickr

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