On the cheap.

As you can see from my blog that I love landscape photography but I also love to play with macro as well. This post is about doing it on the cheap. All the images shown are taken with a cheap Canon EF 30-85mm lens with the focusing glass removed, yep that right, by simply popping out the focusing lens of a EF 35-80 lens you end up with a lens that can produce pretty decent images if I say myself. I would however recommend placing a clear lens filter on the end to protect the insides of the lens.

The real bonus in using the 35-80 is that although the focusing doesn’t work the autofocus squares will detect when the image is in focus, you just have to move in or out until they beep. I have used manual focus lenses with extension tubes to also but it is a little harder to get things focusing correctly.
Crusader Bug

Lit with harsh light

11/30 - Water drops

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